Why do I receive an unknown video error message and how to fix it?

When trying to play some videos or save some video settings, the users may annoyingly get a message saying “Unknown Error”, and then cannot watch the videos correctly. But we know that with the development of the computer technology, more and more users rely on the computer daily either for work, study or leisure. Such an unknown video error message may stop them from enjoying the computer pleasantly. By the way, if you are having a Windows Media Center not working error, you can directly visit here.

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Why does a “Loading PBR for Descriptor” appear frequently and how to fix it?

When starting a computer, especially a Dell computer, the users will find the machine suddenly stops responding with an error message appears reading that: “Loading PBR for Descriptor x … Done (where x represents a number 1,2 or 4)”. Remember that this error usually happens when the computer cannot find a certain partition on the hard drive properly so as to start it up. Well, it can be annoying when finding the computer does not boot up correctly due to various error message like Loading PBR for Descriptor or LogonUI.exe bad image. But there is no need to worry too much as here I will show you some solutions to fix this computer startup error instantly.

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Virtual memory repair tool – Increase virtual memory for your PC easily

When trying to launch a program, large or small, some users will get the following error message:
“Your system is low on virtual memory. To ensure that Windows runs properly, increase the size of your virtual memory paging file.”

increase virtual memory

We know that virtual memory is temporary storage space on your computer hard disk that Windows uses in conjunction with random access memory (RAM). This way, the computer and some programs will run correctly. But there are times for you to repair virtual memory or increase it so as to always maintain stable computer running. Read More →



How to prevent Windows 7 from restarting suddenly?

Every Windows computer can restart itself suddenly without warning while you are doing something important on the PC. Even though Windows is claimed to be one of the most advanced operating systems, it at the same time can restart unexpectedly. Often with no warning, your Windows 7 system simply restarts; and no error message can leave the user clueless to what the next step should be. In my opinion, nothing can be more annoying than finding the computer restart itself before having all the required data saved. But how to prevent Windows 7 from restarting suddenly?

sudden computer restarts

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I/O Device Error repair – Steps to repair I/O Device Error on your PC quickly

The I/O device error always tells that the computer is not properly responding in reading the required data. This error usually happen when you are shutting down the computer, copying data from CD to DVD drive, or installing some application (leading to Windows Vista Install error)… When having this error in your system, some certain processes on your PC may be disrupted and cannot on run correctly. It is best that you can troubleshoot and repair I/O device error as soon as possible.

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Why is my computer freezing up? Prevent and fix computer freezing

Most of the computer users have experienced the computer freezing up problem one time or another. That is, the computer stops functioning at all suddenly and the mouse cannot be used any longer to perform any of your computer requests. But why is my computer freezing up and how can you prevent & fix it? If you know what I am talking about, just read on! Performing the simple steps here helps to fix computer freezing effectively.

fix computer freeze
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Computer keeps shutting down by itself – How to repair random computer shutdown problems?

It can be very annoying to find your computer keeps shutting down by itself without warning. If so, there could be some errors in your system to make the computer work improperly. There might be many reasons behind the random computer shutdown problems, which includes either hardware or software issue. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to this problem, it is important to know what causes it and how to solve them correctly.

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