How to repair Crysis installation error 1305 on your own?

During the Crysis installation process, maybe about 3/4 through, the installation stops together with an error 1305 message saying c:\ program files\electronicarts\crytex\crysis\game\objects.pak…file could not be found or something like this. I think this won’t be a strange error to some game lovers, but how to repair the Crysis installation error 1305? Don’t be so upset and here I will show you some possible solutions. By the way, if you are suffered from a MSI error 1603, directly visit this page.

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MSI error 1603 – The causes and solutions

Upon installing a program on the PC, some users might annoyingly receive a MSI error 1603 stating that “error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation”. Sometimes, it also comes together with a message saying something like this “If you click on the OK button, the installation just rolls back. What isup and how can you fix MSI error 1603 immediately?

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Windows vista error sq004828v03 – The causes and fixes

You are receiving a message saying “The disk SQ004828V03 (C) has errors” when trying to do a restore job in Windows Vista? Cannot restore the computer back to the state as you like? Well, the Windows Vista error SQ004828V03 can be caused due to a system file corruption or there must be some bad sectors on the hard disk. However, steps below might fix the problem for you!

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Your CPU fan fail or speed too low – How to get rid of this warning?

Your computer was running properly, and one day you suddenly receive a warning stating that “Your CPU fan fail or speed too low”. Sometimes, the message may disappear as you start up the computer; but after few hours being off, the message might appear again. If you are suffered from such an error right now, follow steps here and you will be able to directly get rid of this warning.

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How to get rid of “No bootable medium found” error?

“Fatal: no bootable medium found! System Halted”

computer startup error

The above “No bootable medium found” error message usually happens when the users tries to start a VM. From some forums, we can learn that the machine cannot read the CD drive. But how to figure it out correctly? Read More →



How to Fix Non Genuine Windows?

“This copy of Windows is not genuine”
“You must activate today. Activate Windows now”
“Windows is not genuine; Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. Error code 0x80070005

Windows is not genuine

Just like me, you may at sometimes receive a message saying that the copy of Windows installed on your PC might not be genuine, or that you might be a victim of counterfeit software. If so, it’s likely that your copy of Windows was not properly activated or is otherwise not genuine; and then you might fail to enjoy some features of Windows or even run the computer properly. Read More →



How can you fix “DCOM Service terminated unexpectedly” error on Windows startup?

“DCOM server process launcher service terminated unexpectedly or Plug and Play service terminated unexpectedly”
“Windows must now restart because the DCOM server process terminated unexpectedly”

Windows startup error

One of the above “DCOM Service terminated unexpectedly” error messages might suddenly appear while you start up the computer. It will force the Windows to restart; however, same error persists even though you have tried restarting the computer for many times. Is there any way to get rid of this startup message permanently? Read More →