Why is my laptop so slow all of a sudden? Easily speed up PC now

Why is your laptop so slow all of a sudden? Your laptop suddenly becomes very slow and takes a very longer time to load things on your machine? Well, the reasons can vary widely from use of a resource-hungry application, to running to many applications at one time, to issues with your hardware…or even a simple virus infection. However, it is not the only way to speed up your PC by reinstalling it. Following are the most common things you can do in daily life to get your laptop faster.

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Computers freezing at loading screen and what should you do?

When turning on the computer, some users will find it freeze at loading screen. Pressing F1 for setup or F10 for recovery does not work. However, the screen will just hang there and they have to forcibly turn off the computer. When the computer is powered back up, same thing happens, over and over…In my opinion, this can make you mad when in an urgent need to launch the machine. Don’t panic! Here are some things that you can do when the computer freezes at startup.

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What’s the best way to check Windows registry for errors?

We know that the registry in computers within all Windows operating systems provides the essential database with all basic guidelines, settings, and other related details to tell the computer to behave and run the programs in a predetermined manner. However, as time goes, some useless entries, or some program leftovers might calculate in this database, making the computer to run sluggishly or even perform improperly. Hence it is quite important that you should regularly check Windows registry for errors and fix them timely. But what is the best way to do so?

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Constant Kernel power failure and fix it now

Your computer randomly shut off and will not turn on with the power button? You checked the Event Viewer and it comes up with a Kernel Power failure message? No matter the computer you are running is a new or an old one, it at sometimes will bring in some unexpected errors that beyond your control. However, you are able to maintain PC performance in your daily life and prevent the appearance of some errors to the maximum.

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Why does the computer keep crashing and what should you do?

A couple minutes ago, you might be watching a video and all of a sudden the video stopped and it crashed to a blue screen completely? In my opinion, you are not alone in the world to suffer from such a computer keeps crashing issue even if you are running a brand new computer. Typically, a sudden compute crash can be caused due to those reasons: computer viruses, an outdated device driver, memory problems or a corrupted driver, a bloated registry… To stop it from appearing, you should learn how to optimize PC performance.

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Computer keeps crashing and how to optimize PC performance?

Just like a human being, the computer needs to reset for a while if it has been using for a much longer time; otherwise, it may crash at any time. What is more, when something goes wrong, you need to take instant actions to check & fix it soon so as to get it work properly. However, not all PC users realize the importance of a regular system optimization job, and their computer keep crashing randomly. Here, I will show you some important things that you should do in daily PC life.

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Computer won’t get to the home screen – What should you do?

Your computer won’t let you get into the home screen, through safe mode or through BIOS? Every time when trying to start it up, it just loads but will not pass the start up screen and then crashes with a blue screen of death (eg, Win32K.sys error STOP 0X00000050)? This can make you crazy when find the computer won’t get to the home screen, but what should you do? Lets’ learn together right now!

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