An error (-5005 : 0x80070002) has occurred while running the setup

When trying to installing/uninstalling a program, you might get such an error message saying that “An error (-5005 : 0x80070002) has occurred while running the setup”. And then, you have to stop the install/uninstall process. Typically, such an install error message appears when the terminal server may not be in the install mode. You have to change or switch the server in the install mode so as to install/uninstall a program properly.

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Troubleshoot and fix Windows Installer error 2908 quickly

When installing a certain program on the PC, you just receive a roll back and cannot install? You keep on receiving a message stating that the program cannot access a key and quoting an error code 2908? It is quite common for us to install some programs on the computer so as to finish some special PC functions. But how to do if receiving a Windows Installer error 2908 quickly?

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Why keep on getting Error status 0Xc000012f and how to get rid of it?

“C:/windows/system32/XXX is either not designed to run on windows or contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administration or the software vendor for support.
Error status: 0Xc000012f”

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After installing something or when trying to install whatever on the machine, the above Error status 0Xc000012f message might keep on popping up, stopping you from successfully installing the programs. But why does this error message keep appearing and how can you get rid of it? Read More →



How to fix error code 10061 on your own?

When trying to visit some pages, users might annoyingly receive an error code 10061 message saying that “Connection refused Background; the server you are attempting to access has refused the connection with the gateway”. Most of the time, such an error appears while you are trying to connect to a service that is not inactive on the server or some other problems on the PC.

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How to get rid of error code W8106-101?

Are you in a need to fix error code W8106-101 right now and play your programs like Netflix correctly? If you have searched the web, you will find that you are not alone on the world to suffer from such an error. Lots of users encounter the code W8106-101 error message in using the computer. But how can you get rid of it and enjoy the computer all the time?

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How to fix Error code 0X80508023?

Your Windows Defender keeps showing an error code 0X80508023 message when you are trying to perform a virus scan? Do you want to well protect the computer from viruses but keep on receiving a code 0X80508023 error message? This error should be repaired immediately so as to prevent further corruption in other applications on the machine.

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Error 2753 during install or uninstall process – Fix it now

You are having an error 2753 message right now and cannot uninstall or reinstall any programs like Microsoft Office suite on the computer? No matter what you tried and no matter what programs you have tried, the same error 2753 during install or uninstall process? Typically, such error message appears when a file in the Temp folder is recognized as a duplicate of a file in use. Directly remove it with these steps and you can install or uninstall whatever as you like.

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