Printer Spooler keeps turning off and how to fix it?

Your printer Spooler keeps turning off when you are trying to print some documents as you like? A message indicating “Operation could not be completed; the print spooler service is not running” keeps popping up when you are trying to add a printer? You have checked many of the work around but nothing helps? Here, I would suggest you some solutions to deal with this printer issue effectively.

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Scan options are not set – Install or run device software on computer

You can print and copy file properly but cannot scan? When trying to scan, this message pops up again and again “Scan options are not set; Install or run device software on computer”? Have ever tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software for many times but same message after rebooting the computer? The suggestions here may help you!

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Solve “Error 46: Unable to Clean” immediately

Your printer stops working and you cannot print your documents as you like? Every time you turn on the printer, it shows an “Error 46: Unable to Clean” or “Clean Unable 46” message on the LCD? However, it didn’t help you at all while reading the Users’ Guide for further troubleshooting? I was so lucky to find the answer to this problem, and sincerely hope this help you, too.

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Error message “Prop res DLL not loaded” – Fix it now

When trying to open or print a document in word, you will fail to do this job and get an error message “Prop res DLL not loaded” saying something similar to the following:
“Prop res DLL not loaded
Cannot load Library DLBAPRP.dll.”

printer error message

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Error code 2200 – Causes and solutions

Getting an error code 2200 in printing some important document? Typically, an error code 2200 indicates that the scanner stalls or jams, and then you may fail to print what you want without success. But you are in the right place here as I will show you the common causes and solutions to this printer error code.

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Event 315 with error 2114 fix – Troubleshoot & fix event 315 with error 2114 at PC startup

It is quite common for the users to get an event 315 with error 2114 while starting up the PC. Typically, the error message states: “The print spooler failed to share printer HP Photosmart C7200 series BT with shared resource name HP Photosmart C7200 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network”. Though at this time, both the computer and the printer are working properly, the problem is that this error message appears again and again at PC startup. This can be annoying but I found many users do not know how to do. Just stop worrying and follow the solutions here. Then, you will get solutions to troubleshoot and fix event 315 with error 2114 at PC startup easily.

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“No Computer Detected” error messages – Solve it now

Keep on getting a “No Computer Detected” error message when trying to perform a scan on the HP computer? Want to print a rather important document but continue on receiving a “No Computer Detected” pop up? It is quite common for the computer users to find the printer and computer loses their wireless connection when attempting to perform a scan. But just stop worrying this from now on and you will get available solutions here.

solve computer error

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