How to fix Application Error – General Exception in Java?

When doing something on the computer, you may suddenly get an error Java alert saying something like this “Application Error – General Exception” and have to close what you are doing forcibly. We know that an application error message can take place randomly, during the normal operation of your computer or mostly during the usage of a particular application. It usually tells any kind of error or failure in a software program resulting in unexpected behavior or a crash. What should you do when such a General Exception error message appears in Java?

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How do I fix 25025 Java error code?

While installing Java, you will come to the chance to get this message “Error 25025. A previous Java installation was never completed. You need to restart your computer before installing Java.” However, it did not work even though they have tried restarting the computer for many times. What is more, there wasn’t any previous version installed in the computer. So, what the hell causes the 25023 Java error code and how to fix it immediately?

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How to fix an “object required” script error?

When trying to access some pages, an “object required” script error message will appear suddenly, stopping it from displaying correctly. Don’t trouble yourself as lots of users on the world are suffering from this error right now. Continue to read this article, and you will learn how to fix this script error yourself!

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Solutions to error Object Expected in JavaScript

No matter which operating system you are using, you will annoyingly find the Internet Explorer notified you there are problems on the page when opening a website. Usually the error hints shows something like 404 not found error or “Object Expected” for JavaScript and stops the page from displaying correctly. But how can you deal with the error Object Expected on your computer?

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How can I stop getting script errors in Yahoo Mail?

While trying to log onto the Yahoo main interface, some users will find the Internet Explorer report a script error suddenly and fail to access the account correctly. Most of the time, this happens after a recent update of the Internet Explorer; but sometimes it happens without any obvious reason. Follow me right now and you will be able to stop getting script errors in Yahoo Mail.

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Java class.client error – Some possible causes and solutions

Whenever trying to run a program using Java like a game, some users will get an error message that says click for details; however, a click on it usually brings a Java class.client error message which says something like this:
“Java Plug-in
Using JRE version 1.7.0_17-b02 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User home directory = C:\Users\Owner”

Java error message

Thus, they will fail to run the game or the required programs properly. What is more, such a Java class.client error message at sometimes will stop them from visiting some desired pages correctly. How frustrating it is!!! Read More →



Simple solutions to “Invalid or corrupt jarfile” issue

Does your computer keep saying “Invalid or corrupt jarfile” when you are trying to open a run a certain program? Do you fail to open a jar file because of a “Invalid or corrupt jarfile” error message? When, this error usually happens when there is a Java file is missing/ corrupted; or when you double click a JAR file in Windows explorer, but the JAR itself is actually not an executable JAR. No matter what is the case, you may get some solutions to this issue in my article here.

Java error message

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