Unable to locate a running instance of Steam – How to fix?

When trying to play a game like Dayz, some users might annoyingly get an error message saying “Cannot find a running instance of Steam”. This is really frustrating. Moreover, even though they have tried running steam as an administrator, flushing out Steam, restarting steam, restarting the computer, none of these has fixed the issue. What is going on and how to get rid of this computer error message immediately?

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Help for error code:-2147467259 (Unspecified error)

Upon playing some games just like MapleStory on the PC, users might annoyingly get a message saying “error code:-2147467259 (Unspecified error)” when getting past loading the hackshield and cannot play it properly. This can happen when they have just installed or update the game on the computer. I had the same problem for last two days, but was able to solve it with the following tips.

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DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error – Solve it immediately

When trying to play some games like Modern Warfare 3 or League of Legends, some players might angrily get a message saying “DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error” . Because of this, they are unable to play it yet because DirectX keeps saying that. What is going on and how to deal with this error & play the game pleasantly?

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Unspecified error occurred and what should you do?

“Update failed: Unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information.”

computer error message

Cannot update some games especially the League of Legends because of the above error message? Or even cannot play the game at all due to the “Unspecified error occurred” Message? Fortunately, here I will show you some solutions to go. Read More →



DirectX 11 won’t install – How to download and install DirectX 11 successfully?

I find many players have a pesky problem with the DirectX 11 right now. That is, the game would always crash upon start, with a message relating to a location in d3dx9_41.dll. Sometimes, when they tried the Steam version of the same title, it would always ask them to try installing DirectX before running the game. However, some annoying error messages such as “A Cabinet file necessary for installation cannot be trusted. Please verify the Cryptographic Services are enabled and the cabinet file certificate is valid” may appear during the DirectX 11 install process. What is up and why DirectX 11 won’t install?

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Fatal Error WS10 – Fix GTA Fatal Error WS10 instantly

When trying to launch the game, some users will annoyingly get an error message saying: “GTA IV FATAL ERROR: WS10″. And sometimes, the message will look like: “WS10 – XNetStartup failed – Please re-boot your system and/or re-install the game”. Even though the users have rebooted the system and reinstalled the computer for a couple time, same error messages happens. How can you get rid of this GTA Fatal Error WS10 from your computer?

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Error code BLZPTS00007 – Troubleshoot and fix error code BLZPTS00007 easily

Every time in launching some desired games, some will receive an error code BLZPTS00007 saying that: “Failed to run a required program (Agent). Wait one minute and try again and if that doesn’t work please restart your computer and try again.” However, same error message appears even though the users try a little later. However, there is no need to worry about this code BLZPTS00007 error message from now on as I am going to give you some guides to instantly troubleshoot & fix it here.

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