Instructions to fix “Invalid access to memory location” error

Your computer works fine but suddenly, it displays you a message saying “Invalid access to memory location” when opening a program? Or whenever you try to start up the computer, you keep on receiving the above message together with something says “The system could not log you on. The server authenticating you reported an error (0xC00000BB). You can find further details in the event log. Please report this error to the system administrator”? It will be annoying to get such an error message at booting up the computer. But just follow steps here and you can get rid of this computer error immediately.

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No Boot Device Found – Causes and solutions

Attenpting to start up the computer but keep on receiving messages saying “No Boot Device Found”? Cannot log onto the system because of the constant “No Boot Device Found” or similar “Drive 1 not found” error messages? A startup error message can drive you mad and stop you from using the computer properly. Here, take my experience as an example, I am going to show you how to troubleshoot and fix this computer startup error.

computer startup error

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Win 7 error “Windows Explorer has stopped working” – Fix it now

You keep on getting a fairly consistent “Windows Explorer has stopped working” message in running your Windows 7 computer? The automatic checking routine does not come up with a solution, either? As the retirement of the Windows XP computer, lots of users turn to use the Windows 7 operating system. It can drive you mad when cannot open some files, browse some web pages because of the constant “Windows Explorer has stopped working” error message.

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How to fix memory error on computer? Get computer optimized immediately

When you are trying to edit a document or browse the Web, the computer might suddenly freeze up or display you a blue screen. Bear in mind that this is a sign of memory error, exactly a memory leak. Before starting the article, I just want to tell that the computer and the installed programs require a lot of RAM so as to run properly. If not, sometimes you will even get an error message telling that “out of memory exception” or “not enough memory”.

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Program not responding & send error report – What should you do?

You are starting to receive a message saying that the program not responding with the options to send error report? You would not send the error report and then computer will soon close out completely? It is quite annoying to get such program not responding & constant send error report messages, but how to get rid of them? Don’t worry too much as I am going to show you some available solutions here.

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Computer being spammed by ads and what should you do?

You get ads every single site you go to? The ads pop up on the page or they will open a completely different tab on my laptop? You open only a tab but all of a sudden you get thousands of them? Well, your computer is being spammed by ads due to many reasons and you might be redirected to some unknown & undesired pages even though you don’t want. To maintain PC performance, you should learn how to do when computer being spammed by ads.

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