Blue screen error BCCode 7a – Stop & prevent blue screen errors easily

Frequently facing with blue screen error BCCode 7a on your recently-installed Windows 7 computer? Yeah, it is very easy for some Windows 7 user to get an (BC-Code: 7a) error message together with a blue screen at starting up, shutting down or launching a program. This is because, as the usage of the PC some hardware, software problems or even a corrupt file can unexpectedly cause a blue screen. No computer can escape this faith, in my opinion! But how can you stop & prevent blue screen errors easily?

prevent blue screen error

In many cases, a blue screen error BCCode 7a is just a temporary issue and can be fixed after a system reboot. So, when getting the blue screen, directly restart it to see whether the blue screen has gone or not.

After restarting the computer, scan and remove all PC viruses. Remember that the common symptoms of a virus-compromised computer should be: a greatly slow running computer, frequent popping-up many unknown errors, constant displaying of ads windows, numerous object error messages, random PC reboots, or blue error screen and so on. In other word, when your computer is infected, you will soon find the computer run abnormally with many blue screen error codes. To well secure the computer and your personal information, do remember to install and run an antivirus antispyware program in the background all the time.

Then, you should verify that all of your computer drivers are updated to the latest versions. To do this, you can follow these steps to go:
* Look for the start key, click on start, control panel, classic view.
* Double click on windows update. Let the windows search for new updates and download system update if possible. Let new devices and drivers update so that you can restart your computer once the drivers prompted after searching.
*You can also check for manuals or devices from the website. If there are any options, what you can do is to download and install the updated drivers; this manner may solve blue screen error BCCode 7a.
* Now restart the computer again when prompted.
* Go back to control panel and double click the system icon.
*Click on device manager when you see windows, vista, or windows 7. Click the hardware tab and device manager afterwards, but this is only for windows XP.
*Open your registry cleaner and scan through your computer to solve the problem.

In addition, some inferior parts and components of the computer will be another cause for blue screen error BCCode 7a. So you should pay enough attention when buying CPU, memory chip and other components to always ensure the proper running of the computer without frequent blue screen error messages.

Fifthly, check and remove the incompatible third-party software with the Recovery Console. To stop and fix blue screen errors, you still need to check what you have installed recently and easily remove them from the computer by using the Recovery Console. However, you can uninstall them by using the Windows built-in Add/Remove Programs feature.

By the way, it is recommended that you should thoroughly scan your computer with a registry cleaning utility to get rid of leftover entries within Windows registry. Windows registry is the main component of Windows operating system to store all setting & options of the hardware & software on the computer. If this database is filled with lots of invalid or corrupted entries, it will be impossible for the system to access the needed entries to load the computer and some certain programs, resulting in the blue screen error BCCode 7a.

All in all, even though many aspects can bring in a blue screen error BCCode 7a to happen suddenly, there are still some available solutions that you can perform in daily life to stop it from occurring frequently. Besides, if you are able to perform all these steps regularly, you can enjoy a pleasant PC life all the time. So, why don’t you take it from now on???

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