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You are unable to use your Windows 8 laptop because of a black screen that happens after the windows loading logo? Cannot boot up your Windows 8 computer one day after pressing the power button? Besides repairing the black screen on your laptop through a factory reset via F10 while it’s loading, there are still some other things that you can do. But how and what is the best black screen fix on Windows 8 laptop?

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When suddenly suffered a black screen on Windows 8, check and make sure that you hardware is always functioning well without errors. To start with, you should know that the hardware of your PC is actually one of the biggest reasons why crashes occur, because it’s what powers your system. To see if you have a hardware issue, simply restart Windows into “safe mode”. Safe mode is a mode to perform tasks & tests on Windows without any third-party software running. To do this, restart your PC and press F8 before it loads, then this will bring some options, from which you will have to select “Safe Mode”. If you find the crashes occurring when inside Safe Mode, it is easy to determine that there is some hardware issue. Simply take it to a computer store to get the hardware repaired. If no crash happens, continue to learn other causes and solutions.

Secondly, disable unnecessary startup items. Too many programs load at one time will result in the lacking of system resource. That will greatly make the computer running slow and finally bring in a sudden black screen. To fix black screen on Windows 8 laptop, you have to go to “Start” -> Run ->use the “msconfig” common to access System Configuration Utility, and then disable the programs that do not need to automatically run at windows startup. Hence, more CPU resources and memory will be released for a stable running Windows 8 laptop.

Thirdly, virus infection is one another cause for black screen on Windows 8. Viruses or other malware are notoriously known for eating up system resources to make the computer run desperately slowly or bring in frequent unexpected computer freezing. So do remember to install a wonderful antispyware antivirus program to detect and remove PC threats from your computer regularly. By the way, it is highly recommended that you can let your antivirus program running in the background to block and delete threats at any time.

Finally, run free registry scan to resolve all registry errors. As what I have discussed in my other posts, when installing programs on your computer, it will automatically add entries to Windows registry. But when uninstalling programs, some registry entries will be left like stubborn elements. All of these leftover registry entries will make the registry bloated, greatly slowing down computer performance & causing some sudden black screen. So do remember to run a registry cleaner at least once a week to make your vista computer run faster all the time.

Confidently, any of the above mentioned tips will fix black screen related problems on your Windows laptop and returns you a perfect operating system within clicks. So, why start optimizing your computer right now??

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